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Tamarack Song: The Life and Training of a Guardian Warrior

Master Mind, Body and Spirit

1h 18min

Tamarack Song: The Life and Training of a Guardian Warrior

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Show Notes:

Today’s guest has been in Guardian Training since he was a young child. His first Missions were rescuing wild animals in distress and protecting kids who were being bullied. He saw himself as Robin Hood righting wrongs as he sleuthed through the neighborhood woods, or Superman serving justice while flying through town on his red Schwinn bike.

Mentored by Wolves when he was a young adult, he would train with the pups and shadow the pack’s Guardians on scouting excursions, boundary patrols, and hunts. In the 1980s, he joined with the Ojibwe Indian Ogichida (Warriors) during the Wisconsin Walleye War, which was waged to reassert the Ojibwe’s treaty-guaranteed rights to hunt and gather on their ceded territories.

In honor of his service, he was given the title “Ogichida Tamarack”

Now in his seventies, he still maintains an active personal training schedule; and he runs at-home and on-the-ground training intensives for those called to the Guardian Way.

Welcome to the show Tamarack Song

The influence of his mother

“Nature Speak”

Hitchhiking around the USA to learn from indigenous elders

When you listen you learn – when you talk you repeat what you already know

How we have separated ourselves from nature

Why Ojibwe language there is no word for nature

Living your life on “Qualitative Principles”

The Indian 3 Word Bible “Honour and Respect”

The 3 Archetypes – the Nurturer – The Voice – The Warrior

The conditioning process of removing our uniqueness

Training is life and life is training

98% percent of what you do is conditioned responses

Why everything we do is patterned behaviour

David lonebear – story of rachels boss- walking backwards – neurology

How we have been conditioned to enslave ourselves

The natural way to raise a child with community

What Tamarack learned from living and training with wolves

How Tamarack came to learn and train from wolves

Wolves do not see species distinction

Taking individual responsibility for our lives

The Unknown nature in New York

Making a difference where you are now

Why Brazil nuts support economic growth

The book extreme survival meat

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