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Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone), Bill & Melinda Gates Break Up, Lebron Will Never Be The Same and FAQ’s

Pardon My Take

1h 46min
This episode may contain explicit content.
Love is dead again. Bill and Melinda Gates have broken up and there’s no reason to live anymore (2:42 - 9:29). Tom Wilson is back in the news and some people want him arrested and banned for life (9:29 - 19:01). Update on the Aaron Rodgers situation and Lebron will never be the same (19:01 - 31:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (31:15 - 43:27). Brian Baumgartner joins the show aka Kevin Malone from the Office to talk sports, Hollywood, The Office and more (43:27 - 86:52). We finish with some great listener submitted FAQ’s

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