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Arch Law - "Rock Pig" turned humanitarian, really making a difference.

Not Just Another Podcast

1h 3min

My guest in this episode is someone who inspires me, and epitomises my general themes for this show - life, business and values. If you want to look for an example of a life with impact, especially positive impacts on countless individuals that you will never meet, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Arch Law, who spearheads the international humanitarian work done by Save The Children Australia.

Here are 2 clips of Arch in action as a Huxton Creeper.  Can you believe what he is doing now?

Can you believe that the guy thumping that drum kit has had, and is having, such a positive effect on so many people? Arch, I salute you, your team and all the incredible people who assist in your relief efforts all over the region.

You can have a look at the fabulous work that Save The Children Australia does here.

Check out Arch on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

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