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Episode 3285: Dark Enigma - The History of Cinco De Mayo And The Chilling Tale of El Cucuy

Renegade Talk Radio

This episode may contain explicit content.

Please be aware the stories, theories, re-enactments and language in this podcast are of an adult nature and can be considered disturbing, frightening and in some cases even offensive. Listener Discretion is therefore advised. Welcome heathens welcome to the world of the weird and unexplained. I’m your host, Nicole Delacroix and together, we will be investigating stories about the things that go bump in the night, monsters lurking under your bed or deep in the forest, that unknown creature lurking just out of sight and frighteningly imagined creatures, ghosts, supernatural beings and even some unsolved mysteries. So, sit back, grab your favorite drink, and prepare to be transported to today's dark Enigma.... And on today’s Dark enigma well, you know when there’s a holiday at hand, I love to celebrate with those I love the most, the listeners. So, with that said, we will still be playing our drinking game and as you know, the drinking game is only for those of us that are at home and have nowhere else to go tonight. The choice of libation is yours, so choose your poison accordingly, but may I suggest making it Tequila, hint, hint… Alright, now for the game part how about every time I say Mayo that will be a single shot and every time I say Cinco, that will be a double shot. That’s right my heathens, we’re going to bypass our normal topic and talk about a very important issue for today, Cinco de Mayo. Now that the business end is out of the way we can jump headfirst into today’s dark enigma… so today we’re celebrating the May the 4th be with you until Cinco de Mayo then may you experience Revenge of the 6th. So if you haven’t already, come to the Dark side… we have tacos! But, seriously, we can’t talk the 5th without bringing up the best Tequila induced holiday Cinco de Mayo! So today is my love letter to all things Tacos, Tequila and a little Mexican Ghost Story to keep us on track. So put on your sombrero, grab some tacos and join me in today’s dark enigma, The History of Cinco De Mayo And The Chilling Tale of El Cucuy Here in the States, we get pumped up for Cinco de Mayo. It’s just one more excuse for us to drink margaritas and eat tacos shamelessly. Duh. But the reality is, Cinco de Mayo is a holiday with deep-seeded roots in Mexican history, roots that many of us may not know. Let’s Jump right in and start the Cinco de Mayo celebrations with a little history of why this day is so damn awesome!

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