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S11 Ep 17: Guy Garvey

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

This episode may contain explicit content.

This week we welcome Manchester mensch Guy Garvey over for lunch. We chat to Guy over Ottolenghi lamb and pistachio patties about being dragged to black pudding stalls in Bury market growing up, his original worker bee tattoo and the importance of eating pies up north. He tells us how he met his wife Rachel at a wedding over cigarettes, having dinner with Joan Collins and his secret ingredient - instant coffee - in his spag bol sauce. This week, Elbow are celebrating 20 years of their first album ‘Asleep In The Back’ and we find out the band's favourite karaoke spots on tour. We love Guy even more as he brought over two bottles of wine and a second pud from Soho's finest, Cafe de Nata . Enjoy! X


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