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How to Use Behavioral Change and Experimentation to Drive Business Impact

HR Leaders


In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast, I'm joined by my guest Vincent Greco, Head of People Analytics at HubSpot.

Thanks to Paylocity for supporting the show!

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Episode highlights

00:00 - Intro

01:35 - Vincent's background

05:31 - A brief description of HubSpot

05:31:- HubSpot's recent growth

07:25 - Their biggest teambuilding challenges

09:52 - How to identify HR pain points within your business

12:49 - Lessons learned from beginning at HubSpot

17:33 - Data & Management Strategy for Scaling Remote Work Programs

23:33 - Practical advice for facilitating collaboration

26:55 - How to use behavioral change and experimentation to drive business impact

34:37 - The strategy behind building a team

40:00 - Quick fire round

44:42 - Parting advice

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