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Playboy Model and Baywatch Star Talk Life Lessons and Best-selling Book

The SwimSwam Podcast


Are you looking for a book that blends together great stories, leadership strategies and your love of swimming?  Look no further than Take Your Mark, LEAD! 10 Ways to Lead Yourself and Others Like a Champion.

With a compelling Foreword written by Bob Bowman and endorsements from top champions , Take Your Mark, LEAD! is a self-help, go-to guide for people who urgently want to take charge of their lives.  Leader, champion, and survivor Kelly Parker Palace delivers 11 entertaining, informative chapters chocked full of inspiring stories and actionable, practical strategies.  This transformative book will empower you to triumph in all aspects of your life and to champion yourself, your business, and others!

The word “SWIM” is in the book 270 times. The book explores stories full of leadership examples from Olympians, Olympic coaches, professional athletes, Kelly’s executive coaching clients, and her days as a Senior Manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.  There are lessons from Kelly’s time as an NCAA D1 Head Coach and swimmer, her experience with 9/11 in NYC, and being a Playboy magazine model–the first “real” athlete to pose.  You’ll be fascinated by how Arctic swimmer Lewis Pugh leads at the United Nations, how Olympic coach David Marsh creates culture for his teams, and how Bob Bowman almost quit coaching.

The book explores what makes the athlete that may not be the physically strongest still take the gold.  And in life, what makes the unlikely person rise to the top of their profession or lead others to victory?

You’ll learn 10 practical ways to help you develop leadership skills, habits, mindsets, and traits of champions—borrowed from the best of the world of athletics, corporate America, and life.  Each chapter first discusses how to lead yourself, and then inevitably—and often equally rewarding—, how to lead others. The bonus chapter, Championing Women Leaders, contains additional motivating stories and strategies.



Music: Otis McDonald

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