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The Common Path To Uncommon Success with John Lee Dumas

The Winners Club


The Winners Club is the weekly podcast that shares the highlights and insights from some of the most meaningful and impactful conversations from the No.1 community on Clubhouse, The Winners Club. Join your hosts for key lessons and learnings shared during the week by world-class speakers who include billionaires, business icons and elite level performers from across the globe. 

On today’s show we have John Lee Dumas, the hugely successful podcaster and creator of Entrepreneurs On Fire, which has now done 3000 plus episodes, with 100 million listens to date and over 1.4 million monthly listens currently. JLD has just released his new book, ‘The Common Path To Uncommon Success’, which is a revolutionary 17 step guide roadmap for you to get to financial freedom and fulfilment, which provides a proven path for entrepreneurs like you to achieve the financial, location, and lifestyle freedom you are capable of. 

On this episode JLD shares:

  • The critical steps successful entrepreneurs take to achieve uncommon success 
  • How JLD maintains his energy 
  • His suggested posture while working
  • How to achieve a work-life balance and enjoy life 
  • How to be financially free and location independent

This podcast takes you into a depth of conversation that is rarely heard in the public domain and gives you the inside scoop on often unheard stories of how great people have been able to achieve great things. The Winners Club community on Clubhouse has fast become one of the main hubs of tactical content on entrepreneurship, thought leadership, business growth, brand development and social media marketing expertise and this podcast is another way for you to consume this community's elite level audio.

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