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16 | Maike, Tjada & Tammo - A Hospital Birth with Midwife, Miscarriages & A Homebirth Transfer Birth with Posterior Baby

The 9 Months Podcast - Birth stories from all over the world

1h 38min

In this episode we hear Maike telling the birth stories of her two little ones, Tjada & Tammo in Prague, Czech Republic. Make is German and her partner is Czech and they opted for a hospital birth, registering at Podoli Maternity Hospital. They also hired a midwife to support labour at home as long as possible and to follow them to the hospital in the role of a doula. Maike found that the transfer to the hospital slowed labour down a lot and needed some help to get it going again and was given an episiotomy to help baby come out. She shares valuable information on her experience both during birth and staying in the hospital postpartum with baby.

When they tried for the second baby, Maike shares her experience with having two miscarriages and seeking a bit of help for conceiving Tammo afterwards. With Tammo she wanted to try for a home birth and ended up labouring at home but baby was posterior and wouldn’t turn so they opted to go to the hospital where baby was born very quickly. Maike and I also discuss processing the feeling of failure when things don’t go our way in our plans and wishes for birth.

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