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Lessons Learned as an Investor and The Future of PropTech with Pete Flint

Village Global's Venture Stories

1h 1min
Pete Flint (@peteflint), partner at NFX, joins Erik on this episode. It was recorded as part of an On Deck Angels event. They discuss:

- Pete’s journey from Trulia to investor.

- Why over time he became less focused on the idea and strategy of a team and more on the team itself and its ability to execute.

- Why it’s a mistake to have a portfolio of growth channels, and why instead a company should be world-class at one channel.

- His information diet.

- The two phases of PropTech and the problems worth solving today.

- Why when it comes to content, frequency beats quality.

- The new wave of marketplaces and why creating a UX that’s 5-10X is a great way to attract supply.

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