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One billion doses! But a long way to go


In a global pandemic, you have to take your successes where you can find them. Among the doom and gloom of three-quarters of a million new cases a day worldwide, it's important to look at how much progress we've made in fighting back against COVID-19. To date, more than a billion vaccines doses have been given out globally - a number that will hopefully continue to rapidly increase as more supply becomes available and distributed to those who need it most. Because - as explained on today's Coronacast - the faster we can vaccinate, the less chance we'll have of even worse variants popping into existence. Also on today's show: * Why is the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines constantly referred to as complex when the flu vaccine is rolled out every year to millions of people in Australia? * Your feedback and experiences on tracking down and getting a vaccine under the next phase of the rollout * The trouble with organ transplants and COVID-19

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