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Stream Thinking New Age Teachers

Arroe Collins

May 4, 2021 Nobody’s talking about teachers. Groups are making a lot of noise about the students. Get them back in class. But nobody’s talking about those who’ve had to change their methods of teaching by way of a computer screen. Many of whom who’ve been forced to do in school and remote teaching at the same time. How do we as a globe make up the past sixty weeks? Getting students out of a lockdown mode mentality and locked into the activation of why an education is more important today than 2019. The upper level decision makers are saying, “Summer school!” Nobody’s talking about the teachers. We must rebuild the American student. Teachers deservingly need time off to recuperate their reasons for wanting to be inside those four walls. The system is burning out the passion, dedication, drive and loyalty of those chosen to inspire and influence future business workers, leaders and community activators. Without an education, not just a nation but the entire planet suffers. Not having the knowledge to read, write and do math is a pandemic all its own. The educational system needs to change its view of who the teacher is. Experience needs to be the new teacher. Welders, grocery store managers, retail managers, plumbers, digital phone field operators, construction workers and street and highway crews. Redefine the teacher who was taught through a book and put people in there that can give students a skill. Nobody knows time management better than a driver for Amazon. Serving people at restaurants teaches people skills and team work. At 12 years old I fell deeper in love with math not because of school but because I kept score at the bowling alley. Put experience first in summer school. It’s time to teach students what being here is really all about and how they’re a huge part of its continuation.

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