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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - May 05 2021

The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show
1h 58min


Facebook board decides to continue ban on Trump. Joe Concha on Facebook. Rush compares Facebook's tactics to those used by the ChiComs. Mask brainwashing works. Photo of Bidens and Carters. Biden bungles vaccine speech. Rush explains herd immunity. LeBron James walks back tweet threatening police officer. Rush on LA County sheriff challenging LeBron, heroism of cops who were shot in Los Angeles, while crowd cheered on their assailants. James Golden's new podcast, Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind The Golden EIB Microphone, debuts one week from today, May 12th. Montage of Rush using a "little Spanish lingo" to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


Caitlyn Jenner comes out against biological males competing in female sports. Rush on how transgender athletes would put the squeeze on the feminazis. Rush on Trump's Cinco de Mayo tweak during the 2016 campaign and the origins of the day. The woke CIA recruitment ad. Rush on former CIA director Brennan's and former FBI director Comey's communist leanings. JFK Library honors Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her failed covid response. James Golden podcast on Rush.


We remember when Liz Cheney backed Trump during a 2016 interview with Rush. Montage of Drive-By Media and Democrats defending Facebook ban on Trump. James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, discusses his new podcast about Rush. Rush exposed the big climate lie decades ago. Listener Norman Kerner writes and records a song tribute to Rush. Homeschool mom used Rush Revere to teach her kids. RV sales up.

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