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The Evidence Is Becoming Overwhelming (5/5/21)

The Newsmax Daily with Rob Carson
1h 7min

- Joe Biden reaches critical grandpa status during a COVID presser

- Caitlyn Jenner unleashes a killer campaign for CA governor video!

- Donald Trump’s triumphant return to the internet

- Jen Psaki blames the border crisis on Trump, and Kamala Harris doubles down on failure!

- Anthony Fauci continues to draw out the virus crisis well past the 9th inning stretch

- Democrat states are failing big time versus republican states with regard to coronavirus resolutions

- Greg Kelly talks to Mark Meadows about our biggest enemy in the world and the new cold war, as well as Newsmax correspondent Emerald Robinson about the Left using the term "Harris Biden Administration" 

- Sean Spicer exposes critical race theory with D'nesh D'souza

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