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3 poems "Embrace the Phoenix" "Embrace the Inspiration" & "Prayers of Faith" By Danny G

Mystical Minds

Video created by Jamie G and written by Danny G.

Thanks for watching everyone!

Embrace the Phoenix

Whatever creates passion,

love and a driving force to create positive change,

for yourself and others, is what you came forth to be.

Whatever passion you cannot suppress, that keeps on

springing forth time and time again,

that’s your calling from the divinity you are.

Stop suppressing it, and stop procrastinating,

be the leader of your emotions, and break free from your limitations.

Embrace the phoenix you were created and born to be.

Danny G

Embrace the Inspiration

Embrace the stimulation, the motivation and the inspiration.

Embrace the empowering thoughts that remind you of the source within you.

Embrace the empowering emotions that you know

in the depth of your being you shouldn’t suppress.

You know you shouldn’t let inaction become your home,

with your procrastination and unfulfilled dreams.

You know it’s engraved in your soul, and destined to be.

Danny G

Prayers of Faith

When you look at the adversity that once petrified you,

and you smile at your possibilities, and capabilities,

you know you achieved a new state of awareness.

When you achieve this state of awareness,

challenges become stepping stones for a brighter outcome,

and challenges become trivial to your own power.

You hold the obstacle in the palm of your hand and say with God,

all things are possible, and prayers of faith conquers all.

Danny G

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