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17 | Katie & Edie Rae - Making Space for a Baby, Choosing a Birth Centre in the UK & the Importance of a Solid Support System in Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

The 9 Months Podcast - Birth stories from all over the world
1h 15min

In this episode we hear Katie sharing her birth story with her little girl Edie Rae in London, UK. Katie shares the journey to becoming pregnant and how it was deciding to make space for a baby in her life. Katie went through pregnancy during lockdown in 2020 and talks about the importance of community and family support and how she was able to find her way through all of that. We discuss how it is to have wishes and plans for how pregnancy, birth and postpartum will go and how that reflects in reality with how much pressure we can put on ourselves to have the perfect experience. Katie opted for a Birth Centre Birth at Homerton Hospital and after a very long labour she had an epidural and little Edie just needed a bit of support to descend with a Vonteusse and then Katie pushed her out. Katie tells us her story just 3.5 weeks postpartum so it’s very fresh in memory and a very important story to listen to if you feel like you might be putting just a bit much pressure on yourself to have the perfect experience.

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