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A Living Christ Says "Change Dualistic Consciousness into Non-Dualistic Consciousness and Destroy Hell on Earth

A Living Christ Obliterates HELL ON EARTH


Well, Here Goes AGAIN!  Its been 25 years, and I this Living Christ, this simple man of Truth, is still in the process of "Casting Pearls before the indolent, the Traumatized, the Spell-bound, the Limited, hypotized, Satanically mind Controlled Civilized Persons" who have relinguished their souls in order to VOLUNTARILY submit to SLAVERY through Satanic Hypnotic handlers called Political, Religious, and Corporate Commercial Leaders.

Then they get angry at the immutable Truth spoken by this Living Christ because they feel insulted when they cannot escape the Truth. Their Satanic dualistic Intellect leaves them seething, violent, argumentative victims of their Satanically programmed, history-bound Fictional hypnotic State of mind.  This is the State of mind of a Satanists bound to the Civilized world of Hell.

They do not know that their violent reactions gained from lifelong psychological conditioning as Children and follows them throughout life revealing itself as coming from their own reactive, self-judgments by themselves when they cannot overcome the simple truth spoken by this living Christ spoken in the timeless, Eternal moment of NOW.

This Satanic Hypnotic State is reinforced by fictional agencies such as government, religion, and media.  They are not allowed to have a singles solitary original thought of their own.

An entire fictional world of limiting Birth-Death existence has replaced their True Status as Eternal Spirits, timeless beings of Non-dualistic Truth.

Why?  Because they have been duped, and consented to being  limited to their own dualistic Satanic Intellectual fictional memories of a Fictional world called HISTORY, and this Living Christ Speaks from Timeless, Non-dualistic Truth, borne of the balance of the Subconscious mind and the Satanic Fictional Intellect.

I could go on forever on this simple Truth and I have for in the past 25 yearsm the Internet is rife with thousands of articles and hundreds of Videos and Podcasts soundly rejected because they  conflict with their Satanic Historical Stories of the Bible, and other Religious cult-like propaganda which curses them to a life of Enslaved Believers.  

You see, this statement alone proves my point. I can guarantee, thousands, perhaps millions of you will by OUTRAGED by such Truth, adjudged by you to be BLASPHEMY. But think about it for a moment, IF YOUR POSITION WAS TRUE AND MINE FALSE, WOULD YOU BE UPSET?

If you are the average living dead, blind-believing PERSON, you have consented to being a Satanic, dualistic, split/divided consciousness of an entity addicted to enslavement though words, concepts, definitions which curtail your actions.  HELL, ISN'T IT?.

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