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Episode 72 - Mank (feat abridged interview with Sean Persaud)

Best Film Ever
2h 45min
This episode may contain explicit content.

We'd like to promote this podcast in the way it was recorded. That is to say in the complete absence of Orson Welles. Join your favourite TransAtlantic podcasting crew – Ian, Liam, Georgia, Ellie, and Ethan as we're heading back to the golden age of Hollywood (albeit in Black and White).  We're joined on our journey to Tinseltown with Mank cast member (and star/writer of Shipwrecked Comedy's 'The Case of the Gilded Lily"), Sean Persaud.  It's an organ grinder's monkey of a 72nd episode as we discuss:

  • The screenwriter of Mank and how this was in many ways a labour of love for David Fincher.
  • Who was initially the first choice for the part of Herman Mankewicz in its original late 90s treatment
  • Whether it's possible to enjoy Mank independent of Citizen Kane or if it's largely a companion piece
  • Gary Oldman and David Fincher's face-off regarding a century of takes for one scene
  • Whether Amanda Seyfried is any good in this movie
  • Ian has something to say about Mank having more Oscar wins than Citizen Kane
  • We also have excerpts from our interview with Sean Persaud (full interview to be released June 12) where he discusses:
    • The story of how he was cast in the film
    • Some anecdotes about his time with Gary Oldman
    • How Mank's success affected his Oscar night experience
    • The creation of his new podcast "Make Sean and Sinead Love Movie"
    • His vote for Best Film Ever
  • Whether or not Mank is the Best Film Ever

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