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Be There in 40 Ounces (with my sister Kelly!)

Be There in Five
1h 58min

This week, Kate’s sister is live for the first time from her new place in sunny California and they have a fun, lighthearted convo about nostalgia and pop culture that covers the following topics:

90s bedroom decor, Spencer Gifts couture

The coolest cars as a teenager

Storm chasing career ambitions inspired by tornado movies

Influencers & tumbler/adult sippy cups sweeping the nation

A questionable segment going through the notes app in our phones

Kelly’s drafts of Bumble replies

The phenomenon of “Dirty Sodas” in Utah

Going undercover to an Herbalife loaded tea nutrition shop

Ghost Kitchens

Going through our search history

Bethenny’s HBO show

Friends Reunion


Making Kelly guess if lyrics are country or written by Kate

Kelly’s advice on life & career as a type A gal on a type Be show

And so much more!


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