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Episode 605, Getting More Out of Your Wildgame Meat From Field To Fork

Up North Journal Podcast

1h 8min

This week we talk with David Bouska of Wyld Seasoning about how to get the most our of your wildgame meat. 

Getting the most out of your meat

  1. How to cool it
  2. How to use the skin as an insulation barrieer
  3. Using salt water and a cooler

Cutting up your meat

  1. Different uses and cuts
  2. Slicing and grinding
  3. Packaging your meat

How to prepare it for different tastes

  1. Ways to prepare for different flavors
  2. How to get rid of the gamey taste
  3. Using rubs and seasonings
  4. Stuffing your meats for different flavors
  5. How seasonings are used for different flavors
  6. Marinades and injection of meats

Where you can find David's Wyld Seasoning at

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