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Episode 340 - Theo Kogan (Lunachicks, Theo and the Skyscrappers)

Turned Out A Punk

1h 4min
The whole house is excited about this one! This week on the show Damian is joined by his family's favourite: The Lunachicks' Theo Kogan! Listen in as the two talk growing up punk in New York City! From silent tours with Dinosaur Jr,, to finding out you may be a Warzone Woman, to falling in love on a Troma movie set: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! And don't miss the FANTASTIC new Lunachicks' book Fallopian Rhapsody, out now on Hachette!

Also touched on:

Changing Lauren and Damian's lives

What is Pigfuck music?

Growing up in the Bad Apple

Musical Youth at the Ritz

The Dead Boys Reunion

Lux Interior beating a kid up with a mic stand

Wendy O’Williams and Manowar

NYHC shows

Watching the fights at CBGBs

“Are we Warzone Women now?”

Working with Don Fury

Drea and Theo’s favourite side effect of the violence

Gary Oldman gets beaten down  

Ragging Slab

Freak with Howie Pyro

Not hearing Dino Jr. until touring with them

Frightwig: like when Jim ate the hash brownies on Taxi

Todd Phillips directs an Infection video?!?

Falling in love on a Troma movie set


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