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875. How Does Podcasting Enhance B2B Customer Relationships?

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Podcasting has taken off immensely, not just as a way for people to showcase their interests, but as a revolutionary new medium for building powerful relationships with prospective clients through Content-Based Networking.

In this episode, Samir Kumar Sah, CEO and founder of Pritbor, and James Carbary, Founder and Executive Producer at Sweet Fish Media, discuss the impact and background of this framework for creating organic and engaging content that also boosts revenue.

Listen to Sah and Carbary dive deep into:

  • The history behind Content-Based Networking and how to turn listeners into customers.
  • A masterful framework on featuring prospective clients as podcast guests, which fosters a unique, long-lasting relationship.
  • Exactly what businesses need to begin podcasting and how to produce content that makes your guest a thought leader in their field. 

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