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Aella: A French Castle and Ten Months of LSD

Baggage Claim
1h 30min

She did LSD once a week for ten months. Later, a stranger on OKCupid invited OnlyFans star and renowned rationalist Aella to a party in a castle in France. She went.

"I have a high risk-tolerance," she says with a smile.

Understatement of the century.

Will and Aella discuss Aella's travels in France, Turkey and other places, pickup artistry, risk tolerance and resilience, #MeToo, escorting, the relevance of dogs as a symbol of danger, ego death, the existence of other people, psychedelics and meditation, Buddhism, rationalism and more.

This is Aella's full interview on the Baggage Claim podcast: travel stories no one tells. New interviews every two weeks. In the meantime, Baggage Claim also has plenty of immersive travel stories designed to transport you to another world.

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