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#097 - The Wahls Protocol, Paleo Diet For Autoimmunity, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Reversing Neurological Disorders, Healing The Myelin Sheath, And More!

The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast

1h 9min


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7:30 - Dr. Whals' Story

11:30 - Multiple Sclerosis

14:15 - Myelin and Mitochondria

15:05 - Myelin Dysfunction

15:50 - Mitochondrial Strain In Autoimmune Diseases

17:35 - Supplement Support

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20:30 - Electrical Stimulation For Muscle Growth

23:40 - Muscle Atrophy In MS

24:05 - The Shift Of Metabolism 

24:50  - Diseases Of Insulin In MS Patients

27:20 - Insulin Sensitivity In Astronauts

29:20 - Neuromuscular Electrical  Stimulation Devices

30:05 - E-Stim In Athletes

31:45 - E-Stim In Bed Ridden Patients

32:50 - Recovery With The Paleo Diet And Lifestyle

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40:25 - Clinical Trials On The Diet Protocol

47:05 - Healing The Myelin

49:40 - Remineralizing Teeth

52:00 - The Timeline Of Accepting New Concepts In Science

55:15 - Proving The Wahls Protocol

56:50 - The Early Adopters 

57:45 - The Importance Of Being Strict For The First 100 Days

59:10 - Accidently Triggering New Autoimmune Disease

1:02:40 - Working As A Family

1:03:00 - Terry's Current Protocol

1:05:05 - Longevity Genes

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