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Ep 79: Let's Talk About Weed With Hallie Bateman

Gee Thanks, Just Bought It

1h 16min
*This episode is about weed!* Hallie Bateman, author of DIRECTIONS, is here to talk about art, creating, and her journey into the world of cannabis. We also discuss the absolute horsesh*t inequalities surrounding the recent decriminalization of weed, taking a break from smartphones, and much more. Follow along with recs (and share your own via DM) on the “Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!” Instagram: and shop all of our recs here: and here:  Mentioned on the show: - Hallie Bateman’s Books: - Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine: - Prison Reform Project: - Follow Hallie on Instagram!:  Top 8 Best Selling Products in the Gee Thanks! Community in 2020! 8. The Hot Tub ($529): 7. Digit for saving: 6. Rakuten for cash back while you shop: 5. Universal Standard: 4. LED Lights: 3. Home Comforts: 2. The Revlon One Step: 1. The Garden Witch Overalls (Size up!): Subscribe to Hotline Skin, a twice monthly newsletter about skincare product recs from Jolie:  Subscribe to Flavor of the Week, a weekly newsletter featuring one product we love, why we love it, and where you can get it. It’s free!  As always, reach me at, @geethanksjustboughtitpod on Instagram, or leave me a message at 424-245-0736.  

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