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Ep. 150 - Body Image Resilience with Lexie & Lindsay Kite PhD

EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips

1h 25min
This episode may contain explicit content.

We’re so excited to welcome to the podcast Lindsay and Lexie Kite, PhD to speak about all things body image! They are identical twin sisters and leading experts in the field of body image resilience, as well as co-founders of the non-profit Beauty Redefined and co-authors of the book “More Than a Body”. Their goal is to allow people to see their bodies as an instrument instead of an ornament.

They join our host Jessica Gill to discuss societal dynamics around body image, including their expanded definition of positive body image and the importance of placing your self-worth in more than just the appearance of your body. This episode also covers self-objectification, unrealistic media portrayals, reframing fitness, tips for parents and the importance of finding purpose and power outside of physical looks! Enjoy!

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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Lexie and Lindsay’s upbringing and how it informed their work today
  • Impact of growing up as identical twins and the story of how they joined forces
  • Their definition of positive body image
  • How the media and social media influencers promote negative body image
  • Self-Objectification and how we suffer from perceived outside judgment
  • The three paths after a disruption
  • Retraining our brains and the ways we think about ourselves
  • Personal examples of body image struggles
  • Reframing physical fitness from how you look to how you feel
  • Setting boundaries with friends who aren’t supportive of your journey
  • Looking at your body as an instrument instead of an ornament
  • Allyship with female friends and family
  • Tips for parents who want to impart a positive body image to their children



In The Episode: 

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