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Tales to Terrify 489 Amal Singh Erica Ciko Campbell

Tales to Terrify

1h 6min
This episode may contain explicit content.
Welcome to Episode 489. This week we visit Quebec and a different kind of haunted house. For fiction, we have two tales for you: about the power of mourning and unleashing the monster within. COMING UP Good Evening: Design Contest, Night’s End Podcast: 00:01:06 Dark Travels: Frozen House, Southern Quebec: 00:02:19 Amal Singh’s Rudali as read by Jasmine Arch: 00:13:48 [Trigger] Erica Ciko Campbell’s Where Monsters Go to Die as read by Krystal Hammond: 00:35:32 TRIGGER WARNINGS Where Monsters Go to Die contains scenes of gun violence and bullying. PERTINENT LINKS Support us on Patreon! Spread the darkness. Shop Tales to Terrify Merch Amal Singh on Twitter (@jerun_onto) Amal Singh on Facebook Jasmine Arch Jasmine Arch at New Myths Erica Ciko Campbell Erica Ciko Campbell / Starward Shadows Quarterly Erica Ciko Campbell on Twitter (@ECikoCampbell)  Erica Ciko Campbell on Instagram (@starlessimperium) Krystal Hammond Krystal Hammond on Twitter (@thekmhammond) Original Score by Nebulus Entertainment Nebulus on Facebook Nebulus on Instagram

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