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Day 129 || Sit in your Shit

Make Your Damn Bed


Find pride in your struggles and celebrate your wins. We’re all fairly talented at self-justifications and jumping through hoops to deny our fault, but the more we do it, the more it skews our perspective towards worse and worse mistakes. Own it. Don’t delude yourself. If it makes you feel bad, you can work to change the behavior in the future instead of avoiding the bad feelings that come as a result.

Bo Burnham has a poem I printed and hung in my bathroom that I love so much that says: I’ve hit rock bottom. What’s a guy to do? I certainly can’t head upward, so I’ll try digging through.

Often, your best way out is through.

Make Your Damn Bed is a real talk, daily motivation podcast to play while you make your bed* every morning. Each season is 66 days long to incorporate new healthy habits of your choosing into your daily life.

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