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109. Building Balance and Hacking Autophagy with Siim Land #FabulousFriends

Be Well By Kelly

This episode may contain explicit content.
Today’s guest, Siim Land, fitness warrior and author of the best-selling books “Stronger by Stress” and “Metabolic Autophagy,” reveals the science behind his winning approach to body mechanics and busts the myths surrounding fasting, building muscle, and diet. Plus, how his healthy upbringing and current nature-focused lifestyle in Estonia is a biohacker’s dream come true, and how everyone can integrate fasting and mindful eating into their lives.  You will learn about... Daily routine in Estonia  How to integrate fasting in your life  The balance between animal protein and mTOR Fasting to support circadian rhythms  Resistance training, muscle growth, and carb tolerance Planning exercise around meals Metabolism, biohacking, and electrolytes Ketosis and sleep The warrior diet Resources: Read: “ (Stronger by Stress: Adapt to Beneficial Stressors to Improve Your Health and Strengthen the Body)” Read: “ (Metabolic Autophagy Cookbook: Eat Foods That Boost Autophagy, Balance mTOR for Longevity, and Build Muscle)” Website: ( Instagram: (@siimland) Thank you (LMNT) for sponsoring this episode! Go to ( to order a free sample pack of LMNT electrolytes. Just pay shipping (only $5 if you're in the US)! Connect with Kelly: ( Instagram: (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: ( Be Well By Kelly is a production of (Crate Media)

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