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RYB 997: How To Write Emails If I'm Not A Good Writer? - Jam Session

Rock Your Brand Podcast

What we're going to be talking about on this Friday jam session is how to write emails. 

I get these questions a lot. 

  • 1) I'm not a good writer? 
  • 2) I don't know what to do with my email list? 
  • 3) I don't know how to get the emails started? 
  • 4) I don't know what to send them? 
  • 5) I don't know if I should sell to them? 
  • 6) I don't know how to build a good relationship with them. 

These things start to creep in your head, and then you don't send any emails at all.

I will tell you this, if you do not send emails, you will not get traffic to your website. You will not get traffic to your offers. You'll probably not make any sales either. So, to show up in someone's inbox and do something that we suggest to build that relationship with them.

I'm going to be breaki

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