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Episode #46 - Roots of the Demon - Part 4


In this episode, we bring you part 4 of "The Roots of the Demon," tracing the lineage and musical pedigree of each member through various precursor bands predating Night Demon. As the story resumes, Jarvis found an outlet for his love of horror-punk by joining Hybrid Moments, essentially a Misfits cover band with original songs, and gigging locally during downtime from No Motiv.  Meanwhile, Armand became heavily immersed in recording work following the split-up of From Satellite. One of the bands he recorded was Le Meu Le Purr, a quirky, experimental, indie noise rock band that signed to TVT Records.  After being cornered at the bar late one night, Armand agreed to join the band. Other members of Le Meu Le Purr eventually helped him build the recording studio now known as The Captains Quarters. At that time, Jarvis was feeling lost following the dissolution of No Motiv. He resolved never to be an expendable band member again, but always to lead from that moment forward. On a lark, Jarvis wrote and recorded a doo wop / rockabilly / roots rock song that led to him forming Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats for what was intended to be a single one-off performance. Elsewhere, a talented new guitarist to the Ventura area named Brent Woodward was recruited to join a stoner-meets-hardcore outfit called The Fucking Wrath. The band, which also featured drummer John Crerar, evolved into a more metallic beast with the infusion of Brent's NWOBHM-inspired riffs and writing. Listen in next week as these disparate threads of narrative continue to coalesce into the birth of Night Demon.

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