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First Deal Episode with Josi Heron

Diary of an Apartment Investor


A discussion on goals as Josi Heron talks about her recently acquired 60 units in Missouri.

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Josi Heron
In 2020 I left my corporate job and started Waypoints Equity, LLC to fill a common need to reach financial independence and focus on the true priorities in life. My journey began in a search for passive income for my family, and it grew into an equity company that creates opportunities for others to join on this path. We all have distinct moments and turns on our way through the world, the name Waypoints Equity reflects that it is what we do along the way that really counts. How we live, how we give back and where we focus defines who we are. At Waypoints Equity, I dovetail my background in finance, engineering, military leadership and asset management to find multifamily investment deals, secure partnership opportunities, and deliver returns. I enjoy helping military and service academy alumni as well as professional women to achieve passive income through investing. I am passionate about empowering others to take similar action to grow wealth through multifamily investments and to find the freedom to choose the next waypoint!
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