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Listener Q&A: Preparation For Peak Performance, Tracking Sleep Debt, and Balancing Peak Performance With Longevity (Breather Episode with Brad)

The B.rad Podcast
This episode may contain explicit content.
B.rad podcast listener Q&A returns with a splash with some great topics to cover. We start with a success story from longtime listener Jon tackling the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim crossing (46 miles, 11k climbing), emphasizing the importance of preparation and enjoying the journey instead of focusing on result and bagging bucket list social media photo ops (can end poorly on Mt. Everest or in Chinese ultramarathon events). Next we talk about how naps affect circadian rhythm, and how to easily monitor your sleep health by tracking the simple concept of sleep debt (listen to Jeff Kahn show for details. Then a lengthy discussion about the tradeoff between peak athletic performance and longevity, teed up by a question about Robb Wolf’s comment: “If you want to live longer, lift more weights and eat more protein.” It’s interesting to consider how things like low-carb/ketogenic eating, fasting, high intensity workouts, and being in the higher age groups are all stress factors that must be balanced carefully. TIMESTAMPS: Many people try amazing athletic feats but find they aren’t as prepared as they thought they were. Preparing is the secret. [01:10] People go to the limit and some don’t survive. [10:45] Between midnight and 3:00 AM the most restorative process takes place. [12:08] How does taking a nap affect your circadian rhythm? [13:55] Sleep debt accumulates over time and naps can help “pay off that debt.” [19:53] Dan asks how does Robb Wolf’s statement about eating more protein jive with the book, Two Meals a Day? We cannot burn exercise calories to mitigate dietary transgressions. [23:54] Our protein needs increase as we age because we are less efficient at synthesizing those amino acids. [30:56] Could it be that we have an extremely personal distinction when we're trying to strategize our caloric intake and our macro nutrient intake? [34:43] Join Brad for more fun on: Instagram: @bradkearns1 Facebook: @bradkearnsjumphigh Twitter: @bradleykearns YouTube: @BradKearns We appreciate all feedback, and questions for Q&A shows, emailed to If you have a moment, please share an episode you like with a quick text message, or leave a review on your podcast app. Thank you! Check out each of these companies because they are absolutely awesome or they wouldn’t occupy this revered space. Seriously, Brad won’t sell out to anyone if he doesn’t love the product. Ask anyone. Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece: Mind-blowing, life-changing nut butter blend Male Optimization Formula with Organs (MOFO): Optimize testosterone naturally with 100% grassfed animal organ supplement Donations! This free podcast offering is a team effort from Brad, Daniel, Siena, Gail, TJ, Vuk, RedCircle, our awesome guests, and our incredibly cool advertising partners. We are now poised and proud to double dip by both soliciting a donation and having you listen to ads! If you wanna cough up a few bucks to salute the show, we really appreciate it and will use the funds wisely for continued excellence. Go big (whatever that means to you…) and we’ll send you a free jar of Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece as a thank you! Email to alert us! Choose to donate now, later, or never. Either way, we thank you for choosing from the first two options! :] Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:

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