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129. Back to Basics: Planned Giving - Jonathan McCoy, CFRE and Becky Endicott, CFRE

We Are For Good Podcast - The Podcast for Nonprofits

Back-to-Basics continues this week with the topic with diving into the ultimate realization of playing the long game: Planned Giving. Planned giving is the convergence of some of our favorite topics - value alignment, having meaningful conversations and telling incredible stories of quite possibly our most rabid fans. We discuss a starting point, Pro Tips and even provide a glossary of terms for those words you've never been brave enough to ask about in a staff meeting. If we can do it, so can you. 

Episode Overview

  • Back to the basics: Planned Giving (2:00)
  • Definitions of planned giving (4:00)
  • The giving vehicles in planned giving (6:45)
  • Do you have a gift acceptance policy? It is ok to say no. (10:30)
  • Do your data mining (11:30)
  • Planned giving pro tips (15:00)
  • Explore creative hybrid giving options (18:50)

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The We Are For Good Podcast is co-hosted by Jonathan McCoy, CFRE and Becky Endicott, CFRE and welcomes the most dynamic nonprofit leaders, advocates and philanthropists to share innovative ideas and lessons learned 3x a week!

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