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Bitcoin News Roundup for June 11, 2021

Markets Daily Crypto Roundup

With BTC trading at $37K and a look at the controversy surrounding the carbon footprint of blockchain ecosystems, CoinDesk’s Market Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

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Today's Stories:

Cheap Dollars Attract Foreign Investors to Treasurys

El Salvador's Bitcoin Bill Raises 'Issues': IMF Spokesperson

U.S. Inflation Is Highest in 13 Years as Prices Surge 5%

Nigeria's Central Bank May Launch a Digital Currency Pilot in 2021

Arrington Capital Launches $100M Algorand Ecosystem Fund

BlackRock Gets Green Light to Start Offering Mutual Funds in China 

 US consumer prices climb at the fastest pace since 2008

 Paul Brody: A Big Carbon Footprint Compared to What?


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