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14- VolleyTalk w Kingsley Tay 🇸🇬

The VolleyTalk Podcast

1h 27min

"A lot of times, to stay true to your journey, you just gotta make it happen!"

Today's guest is Kingsley Tay, beach volleyball star from Singapore!!! In this episode, Kingsley talks about:-

- His journey from volleyball into beach volleyball

- How Taylor Crabb’s “defence system” just blows his mind

- How he looks for traits in people and applies it to his own life: Take the best, throw the rest!

- His “arousal theory” approach when going into a game! (This is super cool)

- How he has to learn to manage his own expectations of himself and others so as not to create a toxic environment

- His current training routine as a beach volleyball player, student and coach!

- His dream of winning an Olympic medal one day

- How he and his friends started “Revollve Volleyball Academy” to grow the sport in Singapore

- How when he was younger, he was afraid of expressing himself and what that has made him realize

- Why he recommends everyone to read the book “Sacred Hoops” by legendary coach Phil Jackson

- What he would be if he was not a beach volleyball player

And sooo much more! This is probably one of the most fun and funny interviews I have ever had, and I hope you enjoy and laugh along with us as you dig in to Kingsley’s wisdom 💪

*Please note that this is not an actual podcast with fancy equipment, so please forgive the mediocre audio quality and excessive laughing :')

NONETHELESS, I hope that you enjoy this casual chat with Kingsley, and learn a lot from him!

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