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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 141: The Neoliberalization of Affordable Housing w/ Tracy J. Rosenthal and the Saturday Crüe


2h 3min
Before Nomadland, won for best film there was a sweep of a homeless encampment near the theater. The film details the journeys of a woman who becomes housing insecure due to not just the closing of a factory, but the entire town that houses the workers as well. A despondent irony that the presence of actual homeless people would ruin the glamorous red-carpet catwalk that the film industry’s elite grace on Awards night.   We often hear the term “Affordable Housing” as part of the solution for the unhoused problem. But as our guest Tracy J. Rosenthal explains, the public private partnership is a relationship that doesn’t equal very good results for those truly in need of affordable shelter.   From her piece in The New Republic: “The Affordable Housing paradigm is not a benign compromise between public and private interests; it is the institutionalization of racism and the red scare, a system bent into shape by the power of real estate not designed to serve tenants’ human needs.” We’ll discuss the myths of “Affordable Housing” with the founder of the L.A Tenants Union Tracy J. Rosenthal.   From Tracy's Website ( I've written about Los Angeles, art, and housing justice for publications including The New Republic, The LA Times, The Nation, Jewish Currents, Art in America, and FENCE. For three years, I was the editor of The Art Los Angeles Reader, a biannual newsprint about the words in its title.   My first book, Abolish Rent, written with Leonardo Vilchis, is forthcoming from Verso in 2022, and I'm working on a novella about a mall you can live in, in Glendale, California.   I helped found the L.A. Tenants Union, a dues-funded, autonomous union now with over 2,000 members. I’m a current a network fellow of UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy. I author the widely-shared Two-Evils Voter Guides, for local and national elections. I have a 1989 Volvo with 2Evils plates. Support the LA Tenants Union:     Thank you guys again for taking the time to check this out. We appreciate each and everyone of you. If you have the means, and you feel so inclined, BECOME A PATRON! We're creating patron only programing, you'll get bonus content from many of the episodes, and you get MERCH!   Become a patron now   Please also like, subscribe, and follow us on these platforms as well, (specially YouTube!) THANKS Y'ALL YouTube:   Twitch:​   Facebook:   Twitter: @TIRShowOakland Instagram: @thisisrevolutionoakland   Medium:   Pascal Robert in Black Agenda Report:   The Dispatch (Our Video Essay Series for Zero Books)

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