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With Stacey Murphy: 3 Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail

The Dating Den


Marni speaks with an expert in love and intimacy who is known as the queen of juicy love. Stacey Murphy is a recovering perfectionist who helps professional women get out of the competitive self and integrate love, sex, and money into a powerful cocktail.


Key takeaways from this episode: 


Both men and women have masculine and feminine energies. As women, it is in our nature to lean more into our feminine and for males to lean more into their masculine. Modern society has conditioned and programmed many women to lean into their masculine in order to further their career aspirations.

Expert, Stacey Murphy says these three things are the top reasons relationships fail: 

When we get hunkered down into only seeing things the way we see them and neither partner wants to budge, but we still want to be in a relationship with our partner it can cause incompatibility. To overcome this, Stacey recommends trying to understand the other person’s nature versus their nurture.

The need to be right. It can prevent us from hearing the truth. When we come from a place of unhealed wounds, we can be anchored in our beliefs but it may not be our true nature. 

As a woman are you in your feminine power, or your nature? Are you reacting to your conditioning, programming, or environment? Or, are you in your true nature? 

          Lead with Your Strengths [17:21]

It may be a generalization, but men view money as a stepping stone to get them to the next part or phase of life. Men gamble with money more, they invest it differently and they have a different attitude about the role money plays in their life. 

Many women view money from the viewpoint of safety and security. They want to hold on to it. Stacey advises women not to hoard their money or hold on to it because the scarcity mentality can cause strife in a relationship. 

Professional women, earn whatever you want to earn just be careful not to emasculate your partner if you earn more money. Because it can torpedo your relationship toward incompatibility and money issues. 

Relationships are about collaboration, not competition. 

The 4 Pillars of Love [17:21]

Stacey explains how the four pillars of love connect to the man code formula and the secret to understanding men. And, how women can match themselves to a man. 

The four pillars of love are:

Just like the four legs of a chair, the ‘legs’ of a relationship can be a little off-balance or off-kilter,  but if one leg is broken the chair or relationship will fall. 

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