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DwarfCast 137 – Skipper Commentary

DwarfCasts (a Red Dwarf podcast)

1h 19min
This episode may contain explicit content.

Another day, another DwarfCast milestone as we have finally completed our commentaries on all traditionally lengthed Red Dwarf episodes, marking an end to a series of casts going back to 2006. Unless Series XIII comes along, of course. Also, we're going to do The Promised Land in a few weeks. And we'll likely revisit some old episodes if we feel like it. But still. Anyway, join Ian, Cappsy and Danny as they jump between dimensions to see if they can find a reality in which Doug remembers he wrote Dimension Jump and Stoke me a Clipper as they have a jolly old time talking over the final episode of Red Dwarf XI, Skipper.

Show notes

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