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Speakeasy Podcast 🎙️What are the Best and Worse Pacific War Movies? 🍻 Episode 5

The Pacific War Channel Podcast


The Pacific War Speakeasy Podcast 🎙️ is where we talk about History, but also stupid things like Pacific War movies, Axis & Allies and drink a lot (Ft. Ian & Eric)

➡️ The Pacific War Speakeasy Podcast is a series where Craig and his fellow History loving friends can talk more openly about other things like Pacific War Movies, Mortal Kombat, Axis & Allies and other silly things. What makes a Pacific War Movie Great or Terrible?

➡️ In this episode we ask what makes a Pacific War movie Terrible or Great? Featuring: Tora Tora Tora, Pearl Harbor, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, Midway, Isoruku, My Way, Flags of our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Valkyrie, the Final Countdown

➡️ We also cover ,Axis & Allies, the horrible history of Anzac and the Commonwealth being abused by Britain, the D-Day invasion, Project Valkyrie, Rudolf Hess and his crazy flight to Scotland, Woodrow Wilson being a terrible President, Theodore Roosevelt being a badass, Could the USS Nimitz (1980) defeat the IJN, Mortal Kombat predictions and a setup for next episode: Star Trek vs Star Gate.

➡️ Do you like history, anime, gaming, godzilla or just idiots drinking and talking in general? This is the podcast for you! We still will talk in-depth about the Pacific War of 1937-1945, but we might also add a few Gundam's into the mix or ask if the Kido Butai could take down Sin.

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