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Cupcakes, Bulimia, & Alcohol with Jasmine Murudumbay | Client Interview

Binge Breakers - Bulimia Recovery
This episode may contain explicit content.

Jasmine and I discuss how she recovered from bulimia, what she didn't expect, how she made a cupcake less euphoric, and her own experience with alcohol recovery. 

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DISCLAIMER   This recording is not intended to be utilized as medical advice or a medical diagnosis. If you think you are in need of medical attention or treatment, please seek it immediately. This recording is intended to offer advice to those struggling with bulimia based on my own experience, my clients experiences, and what I’ve found to work. This recording will also contain sensitive subjects such as binging and purging, weight, & depression. Please listen at your own discretion and do what you think is best for you.    I am a coach. Not a doctor, therapist, or any other medical professional. I cannot diagnose conditions or prescribe treatments. If you think you need more advanced help, such as therapy, ED treatment, or you are a risk to your own health, please seek it immediately.    To find more resources on eating disorders please visit:

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