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The Angriest Man in the World* (68)

Mars on Life
1h 16min

*From ACT UP founder and AIDS activist Larry Kramer: "I was trying to make people united and angry. I was known as the angriest man in the world, mainly because I discovered that anger got you further than being nice. And when we started to break through in the media, I was better TV than someone who was nice."

We unravel the Fauci email story and come to the conclusion that while his correspondence does not live up (naturally) to the scrutiny it's received by conservative media, the idol worship of Dr. Anthony Fauci is tone-deaf to history and remains a lingering spectacle of the "resistance" mentality on display since the first Trump campaign in 2015. In discussing Fauci's past, we acknowledge the tough criticism he's received in the past, the flippant criticism he's received in the present and how future criticism could impact both American politics and Chinese-American relations in the years to come.

We also reminisce on living off the grid in seclusion Hunter S. Thompson-style, as well as recommend listeners to check out the latest essay collection by one of the great novelists of the twentieth century, Sir Salman Rushdie.

To read the WaPo story about Fauci's email correspondence from March to April 2020:

Check out the Hitchens v. Hitchens debate with cameos by Rushdie, Ian McEwan and Martin Amis (friends of Christopher):

Pick up "Languages of Truth":

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