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Regular Guy Friday Ep. 18: The Regular Guys (and Gals) Guide to Reset

Better Together with Maria Menounos
1h 59min

Hay Kweenz, we fooled em again. We Regular Guys and Gals made it through another week! The duo discuss post-pandemic 'reset'. And on that note: trauma leaves you in all or nothing state. Divorce your story and own your positive truth. Leaders anticipate, losers react and winners respond. Life is a dance between desire and fear and complexity is the enemy of execution. Self-limiting beliefs turn into habits. Judge someone and surrender the ability to influence them. Don't stay in what you did. Don't view past with regret and future with fear. The end does not justify the means because the means becomes the end. Affirmation without discipline is a dangerous illusion. And while we need judgement detox, there IS a difference between judgement and being measured. We who don't want to be measured, don't want to be accountable. Yikes. New improvements for 'Better Together' when Maria returns to the starting line up. Kev bumps into billboard icon, Angelyne, in LA while Kels gets hit on three times in Boston. Seltzer alcohol drinks are the new nectar of Kweenz. And Kels ending the show by butchering the Kweenz tongue with a 'Bye Bi-tches', in favor of the accepted annunciation, 'Bye BETCHES' has us judging her and proving, once again, we Regular Guys and Gals have SO much more work to do. Bye Betches....

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