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6/11: XXXL Friday - Ft. Karate Kick Crime, Cancel Culture, New Oceans, Whales with Blood-Lust for Human and Voice Mails

Hard Factor

1h 45min

(00:00:00) - Timestamps Below

(00:03:30) - This Day in History

(00:10:09) - Daily Buzz

(00:11:15) - Buzz #4 - Cancel culture: Hunter Biden, Chris Harrison and Kid Rock

(00:16:40) - Buzz #3 - Emma Coronel Aispuro El Chapo Guzman’s wife is facing big fines and big jail time for involvement in the drug cartel

(00:17:45) - Buzz #2 - Inflation spiked harder than it has since 1992 and lumber in particular is very expensive

(00:20:28) - Buzz #1 - Jeffrey “Loobin” Toobin is back on air at CNN after jerking off in front of his co-workers at the New Yorker on a zoom

(00:26:55) - A teenager in England karate kicked a 74 year old man into a river on video for snapchat and almost killed him

(00:37:20) - The Tik Tok International Moment. There’s a new ocean, elephant’s are running amok, whales are attacking humans

(00:50:03) - Florida Man’s excuse for heinous crime is not very good but at least he was honest

(00:55:35) - 5 star reviews and voice mails

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