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Are You Working Hard Enough? - The Voluntary Hardship Series S15E6

Barbell Logic

This episode may contain explicit content.

If you’re failing early in LP, you have to ask yourself: are you working hard enough? Some symptoms of not working hard enough might be not uploading your failed sets to your coach & failing reps early in LP (like the first 6 weeks). This often occurs with people who think a lot in their work. No thought will help you move from the bottom of a squat to the top of a squat besides a simple cue. 

As an example, consider the Bulgarian Method, a program of lifting where lifters train 6 days a week with heavy weights. We don’t recommend this, but the point is that you’re not working that hard in the weight room and though there are people out there who coaches will need to rein in, but you’re likely not one of those people. 

LP, especially, is simply not enough stress to overtrain you and the risk of injury is incredibly low. Not only does strength training have low risk, but you’re in the steep part of the adaptivity curve and you’re not moving heavy weights compared to your biological limit. 

Many of these people have done hard things in other areas of their lives. They might be professionals like lawyers, doctors, or engineers who solve complicated problems as part of their job, but in the case of heavy weights you need to turn your brain off a bit. 

If you’re a coach, you might see that they failed a rep and then didn’t send you the video. Or they failed the rep and then backed off. They often might have an idea or solution about what happened too.

When it comes to shutting off your brain and just thinking about the cue, the lifts have different flavors. Bench press & squat are similar in that they start in the top and a failed rep can be awkward. Press starts from the bottom, but people often use something to get the bar going on heavy reps. The deadlift, though, is just going to take some time to get off the floor on a heavy rep. 

So, are you working hard enough?

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