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Principle Centered Living

Oya's Love Light Ase

Each of us has a center though we usually don't recognize it as such neither do we recognize the all-encompassing effects of the center on every aspect of our lives. There is little security, guidance, wisdom or power in The limited center of self like the Dead Sea in Palestine it accepts but never gives it becomes stagnant. On the other hand paying attention to the development of Self in the greater perspective of improving one's ability to serve, to produce, and to contribute meaningful ways give context for dramatic increase in our life support factors. There are some common centers from which people approach life it is often much easier to recognize the center in someone else's life and see it in your own. You probably know someone who puts making money ahead of everything else. You probably know someone who's energy is devoted to justifying his or her position and ongoing negative relationship. If you look you can sometimes see beyond behavior into the center that creates it but where do you stand? What is the center of your own life? Sometimes that isn't easy to see perhaps the best way to identify your own center is to look closely at your life support factors . More often than not a person's center is some combination of these and or other centers. Most people are very much a function of a variety of influences that play upon their lives depending on the external or internal conditions one particular center may be activated into the underlying needs are satisfied then another center becomes a compelling Force as a person fluctuates from one center to another. The resulting relativism is like roller coasting through life one moment you're high the next moment you're low. Making efforts to compensate for one weakness by borrowing strengths from another weakness. There is no consistent sense of direction, no persistent wisdom, no steady power supply or sense of personal intrinsic Worth or identity. The idea of course is to create one clear center from what you constantly derive a high degree of security, guidance, wisdom and power empowering your productivity and giving congruity and Harmony to every part of your life. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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