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BONUS: Secret Tapes Snippet (A conversation with my parents)

10 Things To Tell You

One of the most personal and meaningful projects I’ve ever made was my podcast series called The Secret Tapes. It's a series of interviews I did with the people I write about in my book Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First. 

The Secret Tapes were released in January solely to people who preordered SYSIGF. 

But now the Secret Tapes are a part of Secret Stuff, the private podcast I launched on Patreon. All eleven episodes of conversation and interviews are available as part of the Secret Stuff membership. 

This BONUS episode is a snippet of the Secret Tapes conversation I had with my parents. Let's just say that their recollections of everything I wrote about in SYSIGF are slightly different. 

If you enjoy this snippet and want to hear the whole thing (along with all ten of the other conversations), sign up for Secret Stuff now! 

The Secret Tapes are now part of SECRET STUFF. Don't miss out.



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