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The untaxed rich (with ProPublica's Stephen Engelberg)

The ultrarich have ways of avoiding paying income tax that regular people simply don’t have access to. This unfair balance-tipping is the subject of new reporting by ProPublica investigators, whose sources furnished them with a trove of data revealing the secrets of the megawealthy. ProPublica editor in chief Stephen Engelberg joins Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman and Victoria Bassetti to discuss their reporting. Plus, get a sneak peek of the new season of the critically-acclaimed podcast Conspiracyland. Season 3: The Secret Lives and Brutal Death of Jamal Khashoggi debuts on Monday, June 14th. GUEST: - Stephen Engelberg (@SteveEngelberg), editor in chief, ProPublica HOSTS: - Michael Isikoff (@Isikoff), Chief Investigative Correspondent, Yahoo News - Daniel Klaidman (@dklaidman), Editor in Chief, Yahoo News - Victoria Bassetti (@VBass), fellow, Brennan Center for Justice (contributing co-host)   RESOURCES: - “Conspiracyland Season 3: The Secret Lives and Brutal Death of Jamal Khashoggi - “The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax” by Jesse Eisinger, Jeff Ernsthausen, and Paul Kiel (June 8; ProPublica) - “Why We Are Publishing the Tax Secrets of the .001%” by Stephen Engelberg and Richard Tofel (June 8; ProPublica) - “An Exposé Has Congress Rethinking How to Tax the Superrich” by Jonathan Weisman and Alan Rappeport (June 9; New York Times) - “ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger on his reporting about ultra-wealthy tax avoidance” (June 9; CNBC)   Follow us on Twitter: @SkullduggeryPod Listen and subscribe to "Skullduggery" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Email us with feedback, questions or tips:  

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