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Tackling Adulthood Ep 35 - Family Therapy

Tackling Adulthood Podcast
Families come in all different shapes and sizes. With that, comes all different family dynamics. It can sometimes be difficult to navigate through difficult conversations with family, and maybe the time comes when you consider going to family therapy. Rebecca Kornberg and Jennifer Matthes of Harle Counseling and Associates ( join Crockett to discuss the concept of family therapy, some of the misconceptions around family therapy, and some tips and first steps you can take to knock down the first dominos of bringing your family in to have open conversations. It's the TACKLING ADULTHOOD PODCAST!! Brought to you by Service Electric Cable and TV - providing your communication needs for over 70 years!! High speed Internet, cable and phone - visit!! And by the Cumulus Podcast Network and Cumulus Media Allentown. Kindly like/subscribe/download/review wherever you get your podcasts!! See for privacy information.

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