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Isaac Tolpin, Isaac & Angie Tolpin -, Isaac & Angie Tolpin
126 episodes
A weekly podcast with Isaac & Angie Tolpin on Biblical parenting. The raw truth on how to equip confident Christian kids in an uncertain world. We cover parenting topics on things such as purity, self-control, obedience, discipleship, relationships, education, pornography, Bible-time, marriage, and family. We hold nothing back and give the Biblical truth on relevant topics parents need today. You can find scriptures used, notes, resources, and video of each episode at COURAGEOUSPARENTING.COM

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Returning From Vacation Strategies That Create Good Changes

If you want your vacation to have a permanent impact for good change on your family it’s vital to do what’s in this episode just before you get home. These strategies yielded incredible growth in the Tolpin family and will help you too.

Tips for Thriving During Your Family Vacation

Don’t miss the incredible impact your vacation can have on the lives of your kids. But it takes being purposeful about a few things that prevent selfishness from growing stronger during your trip. Get lots of practical tips so that you thrive on your vacation but more importantly your family grows …

Setting Your Family Up for Vacation Success

The communication you have with your family before your vacation makes a huge difference in the attitudes and behavior of your kids while on your trip. It takes some thoughtfulness on what your family needs to hear and sometimes that’s what we fail to spend time on. You will get ideas that will hel…

Pursue Projects That Require Family Teamwork - Part 2

Have you thought about the idea that there could be limits on what you even think about attempting as a family due to not realizing the potential of your team at home? We believe it’s important to do things that require your family to help on purpose. In this episode, we give you practical ideas/pr…
1h 7min

Pursue Projects That Require Family Teamwork - Part 1

There are several reasons most families lack a sense of productive teamwork within their families with a growing ability to do amazing things together. From the beginning, we have been cultivating a sense of teamwork in our family and share these important insights with you in this two-part series.…

Prepping With a Biblical Mindset for Uncertain Times - Part 2

Isaac and Angie are sharing their “list” of things they have done or are planning to do regarding being prepared to care for their family and potentially others in uncertain times. Join them for this second episode in a 2-part series where they share their personal stories while also sharing the sc…
1h 7min

Prepping With a Biblical Mindset for Uncertain Times

Isaac and Angie engage in a popular topic that has been requested by many of their listeners: “Prepping with a Biblical Mindset for Uncertain Times.” Many times this concept can be misinterpreted in Christian circles. Join the Tolpins in the first episode in this two-part series as they dig into th…
1h 1min

Our Settlement With God is Grey - All the Details

We have found a productive path forward with Brenda of “God is Grey”, tune in to get the details and know-how to support us moving forward.

Honest Reflections Being 41 & Pregnant with #9

Baby #9 is on its way and Angie shares her candid thoughts about her experience now and reflections on the past. Isaac also shares insights for men about supporting their wives during this important time. Did you know they don’t come from big families, nor did they originally plan to have this many…

Is Your Parenting Style Relationship or Control Driven? - Part 2

While it’s important to be relationship versus control-driven parents you don’t want to take it too far. You are the most important God-given authority in your kid’s lives. But it’s because of a strong relationship with your kids that you are able to hold them accountable, speak the truth they need…

Is Your Parenting Style Relationship or Control Driven?

While we want to be relationship-driven parents, there are challenges when we lean too far in either of these directions actually. Are you more control or relationship-driven in your parenting approach? How about your spouse? This two-part series will give you good insights to reflect on your own p…

How To Handle Not Being A Perfect Parent

It can be discouraging when you’re kids repeatedly have poor behavior despite your efforts to be a good parent. This episode will encourage you as none of us are perfect parents and our kids will never be perfect either. It’s in how we handle bad behavior that makes all the difference in their futu…

Parenting Kids to Face the Giants with Ken Ham

Ken Ham, CEO of Answers In Genesis & the Ark Encounter puts forth challenging questions that most parents can’t answer but need to be able to as they prepare their kids to stand strong in an uncertain world. There’s so much practical wisdom in this episode that will help you. Likely one of the most…

How to Handle Anxiety While Raising Young Kids

In this episode, Isaac and Angie give practical tips on how to set yourself up for success when parenting young children and you feel overwhelmed. They cover both the aspects of what anxiety and overwhelm can be a reflection of from a physical perspective as well as a spiritual heart condition. If …

Why Being a Peacemaker Takes Standing for Truth & Rejecting Passivity with Steve Crane

Too often Christians think that being passive about truth for the sake of keeping peace with someone is being a peacemaker. Discover not only why this is wrong and harmful, but also what it really means to be a peacemaker during this raw discussion with our special guest, Pastor Steve Crane. If you…

Raising Critical Thinkers In a Fake News World - Part 2

Critical thinking is becoming a lost art so let’s make sure your kids help lead their generation in knowing how to navigate through the growing misinformation. This responsibility is on your shoulders, but the good news is, that you can do it! Get the other four points in this two-part series so yo…

Raising Critical Thinker In a Fake News World - Part 1

The Tolpins reveal their secrets when it comes to equipping kids with critical thinking skills to navigate well through the sea of misinformation coming at them in the media and the opinions of others. And if you think this is only for parents of older kids, you’re so wrong. This can and should sta…

Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Pick Comfort Over Freedom

The pursuit of comfort is the enemy of freedom. There will be times that our kids must be willing to put their comfort aside to resist conforming to the world. We see people everywhere putting their self-preservation ahead of standing up to tyranny. What do you want your kids to do? You get to equi…
1h 5min

How To Have Vision When Everything Keeps Changing

Vision is mandatory during uncertainty, and the current climate of our society certainly has a lot of uncertainty. This episode will stir up hope for this year, give you scriptures to use with your family, and practical insights towards creating vision. We must fuel our resiliency to be able to han…

Handling Conflict & Disagreements That Uncertain Times Bring

Do you wonder how to stand for truth boldly, but do it well in love? 2020 has surely put a strain on relationships but why is that? This episode does a deep dive into these issues with the goal of helping you navigate these stormy waters well. We are to be the salt and light, but that doesn’t mean …
1h 5min

The Church Meeting & More On Civil Disobedience

Have you always wondered what home church is and how to do it? The Tolpins break it down and give you direction on how to prepare for it and do it when and if the time comes that you are led to. They also further the important discussion on civil disobedience giving both modern-day and Biblical exa…
1h 10min

When Civil Disobedience is Biblical

Are you ready to stand for truth and lead unapologetically? What if it involves civil disobedience? Tune into this episode as the Tolpin’s do a deep dive into when it’s okay to disobey your civil government from a biblical perspective. We aren’t to operate in fear, but we are to be prepared and und…
1h 1min

Parenting Tips for Christmas

Get practical tips on how to make your Christmas most importantly about Christ and teach your kids the gift of giving rather than getting. Isaac and Angie share their traditions and stories of things they have done with their kids to instill the giving spirit. You will also get date night questions…

Family Health In Uncertain Times: Preventative, Vaccinations, & Covid

A lack of knowledge about treating sickness naturally and preventative health care for your family can create fear and insecurity. In uncertain times it’s becoming essential to be versed in these things; so, Isaac interviews Angie about what she does to do this effectively. They also cover their co…

8 Current Issues That Could Hurt Who Your Kid’s Become - Part 2

The cultural and political changes in 2020 and what’s coming ahead of us could have negative consequences on the future unless parents rise to the occasion and teach their children how to respond biblically. Last week we discussed masks, the lack of churches meeting, and the challenges in not havin…

8 Current Issues That Could Hurt Who Your Kid’s Become - Part 1

You must look at what’s happening today then think forward about what will be the likely impact of these current issues on your kids when they are adults. Isaac and Angie have done this and identified 8 issues that could hurt who your kids become. Tune into Part-one of this vital two-part series as…

Life Planning In Uncertain Times - Part 2

The world changed in 2020 which makes life-planning more important than ever. So what decisions do you need to be making right now that will have been required to handle four months from now? The Tolpin’s let you into their mindset as they encourage you to navigate a rapidly changing world. They co…

Life Planning In Uncertain Times - Part 1

If you don’t make wise decisions proactively, circumstances will further decide for you; often creating a lesser outcome than could have been. This is a vital episode for parents during these uncertain times as it’s even more important to do life-planning today. We answer the question of how to do …

Politics, Christianity, & Your Kids’ Future

Christians should talk more about religion and politics! Has the belief that you shouldn’t, impacted how much or how well you talk to your kids about these important topics? We dive into Christianity, current politics, and how to help your kids become strong independent thinkers by developing their…
1h 11min

Faith Activated Obedience In End Times

Are you ready for greater uncertain times? This episode will challenge but also encourage you to step out in faith as you make the hard but good decisions that lead to greater fruitfulness. God often wants us to go beyond our comfort zone and what we feel capable of so that we rely on Him. It’s cru…